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I am grateful to be writing this recommendation for Opher Segev who has developed a responsive website to our nonprofit organization. Our website is stunning! Thank you for all you have done to put our oranization on the map. And a special thank you for your patience and professionalism with all the tweaks.

Meredith Nolan, Volunteer - Street Savvy Dog Rescue

It is a pleasure to work with Opher. He is very responsive to requests, works quickly, and incorporates good ideas. As a nonprofit getting off the ground, his services and skills have been invaluable. I recommend him very highly.

Suzanne York, Director - Transition Earth

What a fantastic experience it has been working with Opher! I was so impressed with his attention to detail, ability to create a site in exactly the way I had envisioned it and his overall skill as a website designer. His responses to my requests were always immediate and thorough. I think he has the ideal persona of a designer because he is supportive of his client's vision and does his utmost to create the visual that embodies your company's ideals and values. I highly recommend Opher as a responsive website designer and will continue to call on him for all of my design needs.

Shaun Bissett, Founder - One World Academy Mozambique

Opher, a volunteer web designer and developer, completely re-designed our website. He did an excellent job - above and beyond our expectations - including his timely approach and great follow-up. We are extremely grateful - if not for his philanthropy, we would not have such a sleek, usable site to reach stakeholders. Thanks, Opher!

Hill Harper, Founder and Executive Director. Award-winning actor, best-selling author, philanthropist, motivational speaker and youth development activist - Manifest Your Destiny Foundation

Opher is the find! I say that because as a new nonprofit, I have had endless folks say they'll create my website for free. Up until now, free has meant anything from multiple lunches with long fascinating but nonproductive discussions to gentle ploys to sell other services. So when I saw that Opher was offering his services for free, I was kind of cynical. Well, I'm happy to stand corrected and tell you that he is the real deal. Not only has he got my site up and running in less than a week since we've been in contact, he's easy to deal with, prompt, creative - and yes, free. I have been so pleasantly surprised! I would recommend him twice over without hesitation. He's the find you need to find!

Robert Grabel, Executive Director - Teens Run Westchester

Opher's technical skills, eye for detail, admirable sense of design and aesthetics, made him a truly excellent choice as a website designer. From the outset, his dedication and professionalism were second to none. Designing a user-friendly, easy-on-the-eye, and dynamic website, he has made an invaluable contribution to our organisation - for which I am endlessly grateful. It was a pleasure working with him.

Dr Edward Hockings, Founder and Executive Director - Ethics And Genetics

I am the founder of a newly developing non profit organization and needed help creating our website from the ground up. Opher, founder of RehpO pro bono, did an incredible job creating this and working with me. The final product went way beyond my expectations - it clearly communicated all the elements of importance to me and then some! He is intuitive, professional, responsive and very generous - as this work was done pro bono as a show of commitment to seeing success for the non profit community. Opher was a rare and incredible find. We are so grateful have found him.

Cori Kohlhagen, Founder and President - The Lighthouse Operation

If you've discovered Opher you're in luck. Everything from first making contact with him to the finished website was gratifying. Opher is completely clear and prompt in his communications and efficient and reliable in his work. It's obvious that he's genuinely moved by what he does. It was inspiring to work with Opher and we felt like we gained an ally. I'm still in awe at the quality of professionalism that Opher provides, completely for free. What a rare find!

Alex Awad, Executive Director - The Shepherd Society

Opher provides pro bono web design services and is an extremely talented web designer. He has assisted our refugee charity organization with setting up our responsive website. He is artistic, gives attention to finer detail and knows exactly how to put together a very tasteful, classy product. We look forward to working with him again. Thank you Opher.

Dr Michael-John von Horsten, Chief Medical Officer - International SOS

Opher is a wonderful mixture detail-oriented specificity, and creative and aesthetic savvy. The responsive website he created for Jazz Hands For Autism is not only exceedingly functional but succeeds in helping us put our best foot forward. It truly captures the innovative yet strategic spirit of our organization. Opher was great to work with: he was very responsive, replying within a few hours, he suggested many great ideas and really made it a point to provide us with the best quality result. Thanks so much for all your help Opher, it was truly a pleasure working with you!

Noddy Nweke, Founder and Executive Director - Jazz Hands For Autism

Opher Segev exceeded my highest expectations. Not only is he the most proficient web designer I have ever encountered, he actually listens to what you are trying to accomplish and implements it efficiently with simplicity and grace. Opher has given us a tremendous gift which helped our organization soar. I can not thank him enough or recommend him more highly!

Arista, Founder and President - The Chad Foundation For Athletes And Artists

On behalf of IRCCA I highly recommend the amazing work of Opher Segev who has taken the time to create a wounderful website for our organization. We shall forever remain indebted to him for this outstanding pro bono support.

Nkainin Edwin, Director - Integrated Rural Community Centre for Agriculture

Opher Segev has done exceptional work for our organization. As a new nonprofit we had little money to spend, but needed a website. Finding Opher was a god send. He created a very professional website that stands up well next to websites costing much more. Additionally, he is willing to add updates whenever we request. I highly recommend his services.

Carrie Black, Co-Founder - Two Rivers Community Literacy Project

Opher is not just a web design expert but such a passionate fellow, very determined to make his work succeed online with a professional touch of beauty and responsiveness. He is a good colleague with excellent work relations. He is the right person for the job. At UnwokeMagazine.Org we are really grateful that we found him. May God bless you and reward you more.

Grace Julius Ssembatya, Founder - Ssembatya Pictures

Opher volunteered his web design skills to help us build a website for a Kenyan orphanage. He is a whiz at what he does! I have been extremely impressed by the quality of his work and his technical capabilities as well as his ability to meet my requests on a fast turnaround basis. He is also very detail-oriented and created the website exactly as I requested while offering his insights and suggestions for improvement. On top of that, he has a positive can-do attitude and always gives his best shot at meeting my website design requests. It has been a pleasure working with him.

Kok-Hou Chia, Volunteer - Faraja Children's Home

Opher Segev is an outstanding web designer. He created a website for Bright Connections, a nonprofit organization, in just a few days! The website exceeded my expectations and Opher was willing to tweak the site as needed very quickly. Opher is very easy to work with and responds to correspondence promptly. Opher goes above and beyond, making suggestions on how to improve the site and increase traffic to the site as well. I would recommend Opher to any nonprofit, NGO, or businesses looking for a pro bono web developer to create an outstanding website in a short amount of time.

Danielle Hurley, Executive Director - Bright Connections International

I have worked closely with Opher for a month online. In his role as a virtual pro bono webmaster, Opher has been resourceful, a team player, industrious, energetic, a problem-solver, creative, task-oriented and self-reliant. He has been a tremendous asset to our organization. I would like to take this opportunity to applaud his efforts, acknowledge his talent and encourage him in his pursuits.

Daniel Ganyoame, Executive Director - Africa ICT Right

Opher Segev from RehpO Pro Bono is the best responsive / mobile friendly web developer I met. His design services are better than paid ones and he offers it as pro bono. Opher answer emails with an hour or two. Please do not take my word for it, just try him. To be honest, this is the best gift I have received since I've started SpellAfrica. Many thanks for your support, Opher.

Elvis Austins, Founder - SpellAfrica

If the world had only 10 Ophers then all humanitarian organizations would have a cause to smile. This guy is the greatest web designer of our times. I can't believe that he designed our organization website free of charge and moreover in the shortest period of time. He is so innovative. I admire his creativity and humanitarian heart.

Neto Augustine, Executive Director - Clemency Uganda

Opher's work is exceptional and he helped our organization attain success. Opher has been recorded in the great book of Bugaya Local Council Authorities. God bless you.

Ikula Benard, Executive Director - Women Partnership For Development

Opher is a creative website designer. I loved working with him and I am confident that you will too.

Gaspard SaffaGbokoh Ngevao, Executive Director - Agency For Peoples Empowerment

Our organization reached out to Opher from RehpO Pro Bono to re-design our new website. Opher has done a remarkable job at grasping the concept of what we were looking for. Opher is very skilled, easy to work with and very apt, delivers on time and as promised. We highly recommend him. He is the best volunteer website designer you will ever find.

Cristina Steele-Rodriguez, CEO and Founder - Equine Solutions

I am one of Opher's many NPO around the world. In recent times, He transformed our organization's website in a very short period and I am quite impressed with his excellent work. Opher is a great website designer and developer!

Hisenburg Q. Togba, Executive Director - Movement For The Promotion Of Gender Equality In Liberia

Safe Ground Sacramento is a small nonprofit operating on a limited budget. Learning of Opher’s pro bono website development was a stroke of great good luck for us. I worked closely with Opher for a period of three weeks. He initially provided resources that helped us select a web hosting company and a template for our website. He then completed daily incremental change requests, often within hours of receipt, all while making suggestions and demonstrating possibilities we had not considered. I have no doubt, if all our content had been made available at once, he could have built our site in a day. Opher’s skill, creativity, and generosity make him a rare individual, and I wholeheartedly recommend his pro bono webmaster services.

Jim MacFarland, Volunteer - Safe Ground Sacramento

Opher Segev designed a website for Rock to the Future at no cost. Not only did he create a well designed and fully functional website, he did so quickly and efficiently. After dealing with numerous unreliable web designers, I was very happy to work with someone who kept constant communication. Opher used our design specifications and created the site to fit our needs. All requests were fulfilled, and he even researched specific requests on his own to help fulfill the organization's needs. It's was a joy to work with Opher and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a web designer!

Jessica McKay, Executive Director - Rock To The Future

Opher replied to an online request for help on web designing. He has effectively transformed our website into a beautiful and functional site in a very short period of time. He has been very attentive and consistent in our communication. Very flexible and creative in the overall designing. Opher has gone beyond our expectations, and created a public face for our organization that we are very proud of.

Tineke Iris, Executive Director - InforAmazon

If I hadn't worked with Opher myself and seen the results he produced in creating our nonprofit's website, I might think he was too good to be true! Responsive, creative, thorough, and able to successfully navigate the sometimes challenging waters of communicating via emails. I highly recommend Opher as a collaborative web designer.

Janelle Jones, President - Friends Of Volunteers Initiative Nepal

I became acquainted with Opher, a volunteer web designer and developer from RehpO Pro Bono, when we launched our new nonprofit organization and was seeking a web designer/developer. I found him to be helpful, skilled, and creative. Over the time that I have known him, I have witnessed tremendous dedication and I am certain that the skills and abilities he has will allow him to excel in helping any and all organizations. In short, I recommend Opher enthusiastically and without reservation. I believe he would be a valuable asset to your company's web design and development.

Meli Farnam, Founder and President - GCD's West Texas Relief

I highly commend the services of Opher Segev. He is an incredibly competent and caring designer who has devoted his retirement to helping people who help others. We have benefited greatly from his knowledge of design and his many suggestions for the complete re-design of our website. He works with his clients, is prompt, and extremely patient.

John Paulin, PhD, Advisor - International Institute Of The Bengal And Himalayan Basin

My organization was truly blessed the day Mr. Segev affirmed working on our website. Our organization provides services for victims of domestic violence and Opher took great passion for our cause. Though virtual web designing seemed to be a little out of my ballpark, Opher made the journey easier then expected with excellent results. Mr. Segev is accountable, honest, trustworthy and I would recommend him to all that need his design expertise.

Steven Walerstein, Executive Director - Protection Objectives Well Being Enhancement Restoration Of Self

We needed an online presence to boost awareness of our non-profit and enable people to donate to our cause. Opher really helped us out with his pro bono website work. He was very professional, quick to respond and even quicker to execute any changes we needed made. ACAP is most grateful for his support!

Didit van der Linden, President - Action for the Care and Development of the Poor in the Philippines

Opher is one of these special committed volunteer you could rarely find especially online. What I know about him after he designed our website is that he's honest, prompt and always there for you. We were wondering the other day if he has time to sleep because he's there 24/7. Just  a wonderful guy!

Joseph Laila , Executive Director - Arcobaleno

Words cannot describe the joy we felt at the completion of our new website! Opher's tremendous commitment, professionalism and dedication to serving others shine bright throughout the entire period that we worked together. Opher is an incredible pro bono volunteer, and because of his hard work, our website is now ready. Thank you so much for your commitment of time and energy to this important project. Your contribution will always be remembered.

Moses Bert Mabonga, Founder - The Tongue Foundation

Opher is helping our charity, Goods for Good as our volunteer webmaster. We are delighted with his fantastic professional help; His can-do attitude, and unbelievably prompt help and attention. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to any charity, who was struggling with funding, and needed help in building a website. Opher is a star, and we were lucky to find him.

Rosalind Bluestone, Founder and CEO - Goods for Good

Opher created, executed, and managed the website for my nonprofit organization, Arts Education International, as a pro bono web designer and I can not speak highly enough of his work. He took our organization to the next level at a time when we couldn't have otherwise afforded the quality of work he offered. Opher is prompt, professional, and treated this volunteer position with the dedication of a paid employee.

Sarah Geller, Executive Director - Arts Education International

Opher is incredibly generous, easy to work with, and has helped children and a community on the other side of the planet through his work. We are deeply fortunate to be receiving his expertise and guidance. Thank you Opher for your work.

Batya Friedland, Founder and Director - Akha Children's Dream Home

Opher Segev is a true professional virtual pro bono webmaster. Accountable, detail-oriented, and always straightforward in terms of his expectations from us and what we can expect from him, Opher has delivered on all aspects of The Peace by Piece Initiative's web design as promised--and some. The fact that Opher spends his time providing pro bono web service to not-for-profit organizations is an early indication of his commitment to bettering the not-for-profit world, and communities in need in general, but the product and service that he provides us far exceeds every expectation. Not to mention the fact that Opher has gone out of his way to connect us with like minded not-for-profits working in our area of expertise: dialogue for positive social and political change. Thanks so much Opher!

Matt Gordner, Founder and Executive Director - The Peace by Piece Initiative

My small non-profit organization has been in existence for few years now. I was looking to expand our outreach programs and believed that we should start with revamping our website. With no money for marketing, I headed to the famous craigslist and found Opher. I was a little reluctant when he offered his services for free. I thought that I would be wasting my time and energy and if the site ever came to fruition, it would be show as just that. How surprised I have been and am in total awe of Opher's abilities to take my vision and make it into reality!!! Our new website is fantastic and conveys the exact message I was going for. I have found a new "partner" in Opher. He's prompt, creative, attentive and patient. What more could you ask for. I would recommend Opher again and again.

Cassandra Jackson, Executive Director - The Backpack Project, Inc.

When I told our Board of Directors about Opher Segev and also showed them the new website that he redesigned for our not-for-profit organization, they were all smiling, happy, and at the same time amazed. Amazed because Opher did not just design a website that includes all the features we need to carry out our programs and services and that re brands and gives our organization a new look, he designed it for us without compensation, as a pro bono service. Throughout the process of the website design, the words used by one of our Board members to describe Opher continued to re-echo in my mind: Opher is like an angel sent from above to help us at a time when we most needed help. Though we were seriously in need of a Pro Bono Volunteer webmaster, we were also looking for an experienced and creative professional Graphic/Web Designer with detailed knowledge of the subject, who will work well with us from concept to final output, and who is consistent, trustworthy, and reliable. Opher Segev is the epitome of all these qualities. As the Founder of the ICERM, I am writing this brief recommendation to let people know that somebody like Opher is still living here on earth. If your organization is in need of a professional Graphic/Web Designer, wish to improve or redesign your current website; please do not hesitate to contact Opher Segev. I will forever remain grateful to him. Once again, thank you very much Opher for redesigning ICERM's website.

Basil Ugorji, Founder and Executive Director - International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation

It was a pleasure working with Opher Segev, a pro bono web developer, through development of my website. He consistently met and exceeded my expectations in his professionalism and the quality of services. His progression in the build was completed with amazing speed and accuracy. His secure test platform allowed me to keep current regarding development in real-time and provide feedback which was immediately incorporated back into the evolving site. The entire development cycle was quick, accurate, and an easy process. Before finding Opher another company promised to help me pro bono with my sites. After two frustrating years, the project remained dormant and undelivered. Opher is a man of efficient action with passion. His signature for making the world a better place is to assist non-profits with fulfilling their mission by providing this incredible service. Opher sustained a high level of energy and responsiveness throughout the project. The website itself incorporates the very latest technology in web design development. His expertise would cost thousands of dollars if he billed for services. His generosity is remarkable. My site is working flawlessly. I am grateful for his help. Many accolades to Opher! I am completely satisfied with my experience and would wholeheartedly give my recommendation.

Koa Halpern, Founder and President - Fast Food Free

Opher Segev responded to my request for voluntary web programming support. My hope had been to find someone who would revamp the website of "theWaldorfs", a private and voluntary initiative founded in 1997 in order to promote Waldorf education related topics and home to "The International List of Famous Waldorf Alumni". To be honest, I hadn't been too confident to really find someone who would do web programming free of charge. And if so, I NEVER would have expected that there would be someone on this planet willing and able do this in a manner as professional, creative, reliable, enthusiastic, patient and proactive as Opher did. He brought our website into shape, made it look beautiful, set up a new MySQL database, did all the big and little things required to really get a website going, was constantly available for a period of two months and responded to every request in such an amazing speed, that I kept asking myself when, if at all, he caught sleep. I am certain that there are quite some paid web programmers that wouldn't by far come up with such a level of engagement and professionalism as Opher showed, in his case not for money but solely on the basis of wanting to help the good cause. My deepest respect goes to him for that. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with him, and I am deeply thankful that he crossed our project's way. Anyone who will be equally lucky can be certain that his cause and website will profoundly be taken care of.

Christof Jauernig, Chief Editor - The International List of Famous Waldorf Alumni